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Join our passionate IRC (Internet Relay Chat) community, which is rapidly expanding and forging connections with multiple IRC networks worldwide. What started as a modest gathering has blossomed into a thriving hub that unites IRC enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and interests. Additionally, we have linked our IRC network with Discord servers, creating an inclusive environment that embraces both IRC and Discord users. Whether you prefer the classic charm of IRC or the interactive features of Discord, you'll find a welcoming space to connect, share knowledge, and cultivate lasting friendships.

KonnectChatIRC HybridIRC Rizon Texas-Playground
PulseChat Hrs Axon Undernet
TechNet XXXchatters ThePlaceToChat DeadGnomeSociety(Pouls Kitchen)
Bajubesi Darkworld HellsRisingsun OFTC (Open And Free Technology Community)
Lewdchat Libera.Chat Mycooldude