KonnectChatIRC Network

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Community Rules

  • Respect Boundaries: Treat others with respect and avoid harassment in any form.
  • Content Guidelines: Share content responsibly; no self-harm, hate speech, violence, or illegal activities.
  • No Illegal Topics: Discussing illegal activities or harmful subjects is strictly prohibited.
  • No Solicitations: Don't ask for payments, gift cards, or explicit services.
  • No Deception: Be honest; impersonation or blackmail is not allowed.
  • Cooperate with Moderators: Follow moderator instructions; failure to comply may result in warnings or bans.
  • Language Policy: Please use english for communication within the channel.
  • No Advertising and Spam: Avoid advertising external websites or services and refrain from spamming.
  • Nickname Policy: Choose appropriate and non-offensive nicknames for a respectful atmosphere.
  • Stay On-Topic: Keep discussions relevant to the channel's theme or topic.
  • Bot and Script Usage: Obtain approval before using bots, scripts, or automated tools.
  • Privacy and Personal Information: Refrain from sharing private information publicly.
  • No Channel Flooding: Avoid excessive message posting that disrupts conversations.
  • No Inflammatory Language and Trolling: Keep discussions respectful and constructive.
  • Welcoming Newcomers: Be courteous and assist new users in understanding channel conventions.