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Network Topic
General Chat Server General Chat SFW
General Chat Discord Server General Chat Discord SFW
XXX Chat Server (XXXKonnectChatIRC) XXX NSFW
XXX Chat Discord Server XXX Chat Discord NSFW

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals who share a deep passion for IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Our love for IRC has led us to create #konnect-chat, a thriving community where multiple servers can connect and interact on a single channel. With various IRC networks linked to #konnect-chat, users from all corners of the IRC universe come together in a unified and vibrant hub. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for IRC enthusiasts to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange knowledge, and build lasting connections. Whether you're an experienced IRC user or just starting your IRC journey, #konnect-chat offers an enriching experience for all.

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Explore our kiwiirc web client by clicking General Chat Server and experience seamless communication with IRC enthusiasts.

Looking for a more social space? Connect with our friendly community on General Chat Discord Server where conversations thrive.

For those seeking mature discussions, our XXX Chat Discord Server offers a specialized experience. Note that access is restricted to individuals of legal age as per local regulations.